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The Management Board of the Hotel will be grateful to you for your cooperation in observing these Regulations, which Regulations are intended to ensure the peaceful and safe sojourn of our Guests.


Rooms in the Hotel are rented by the night (24 hours). If the dates of the sojourn are not defined, we assume that the room has been rented for one night (24 hours).


The night in the Hotel starts at 15:00 (3 pm) and ends at 11:00 (11 am).
On the days of the departure of a large group of tourists and the arrival of the next group we reserve ourselves the right to a two-hour delay in making the rooms available.


If the Guest wishes to extend his or her sojourn beyond the period indicated on arrival, he or she should notify the Hotel Reception about that fact by 10:00 (10 am) of the day on which the room's rental period expires. The Hotel fulfils the requests of the Guests to extend the sojourn depending on the possibilities existing at that time and the availability of rooms. The Hotel may not fulfil such a request if there are no rooms available.


The Guest shall not let the rented room to third parties, even if the period for which the Guest has paid the due charge has not expired.


The charges for the accommodation in the Hotel and for the meals are described in the “Price List of the Hotel Services” at www.liptakowka.com


In the case of the earlier booking of the accommodation the Customer is required to make an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the total charge for the sojourn. We do not guarantee the availability of the accommodation to persons who do not have a reservation and have not effected the aforementioned payment. In the case of the cancellation of the reservation the advance payment is not refundable, however, there is a possibility of using it in order to book another sojourn within 6 months of the date of the cancellation of the previous reservation.
In the case of the cancellation of the reservation within the period shorter than seven days before the planned arrival date, the possibility of using the advance payment to book the accommodation within the further 6 months is not granted and the advance payment is not refundable.


If the booked sojourn is not used entirely, we collect 80% of the total value of the accommodation service.


The payment for the sojourn is collected on the first day of the sojourn. Please, comply with that regulation.


The Hotel Guests are obligated to effect a registration, which is carried out by an employee at the Hotel Reception, immediately after arriving at the Hotel. In order to confirm his or her identity, the Customer is obligated to show an ID document with a photograph (according to the “Act on the Registration of Population and Identity Cards” of 10.04.1974, Journal of Laws of 2001 no. 87 item 960).


We do not disclose any information about the personal details of the Guests registered in our Hotel to third parties.


We do not disclose any information about the personal details of the Guests registered in our Hotel to third parties.


The persons who are not registered in the Hotel may stay in the hotel rooms from 7:00 (7 am) till 22:00 (10 pm).


The Hotel Guest shall be financially responsible for the damage or destruction of any kind regarding the equipment and the technical devices of the Hotel, which damage or destruction have occurred through his or her own fault or through the fault of the Guest's visitors. The Guests shall be charged for the damages discovered after their departure. In such an event the Guests shall pay for the repair of the damaged equipment or other items. It is not allowed to move the hotel furniture to other locations within the hotel room or to other rooms, that is: wardrobes, cupboards, sofas, desks, dressing tables etc. For moving the furniture without the consent of the Management Board of the Hotel the Guest shall be charged with a penalty in the amount defined by the Owners of the Hotel.


The Hotel may refuse to accept the Guest who, during his or her previous sojourn, grossly violated the Regulations of the Hotel and inflicted damage to the property of the Hotel or to the property of the other Guests, or who caused a detriment to the health or wellbeing of the Guests, the employees or other persons present in the Hotel, or who in any other manner violated the quiet sojourn of the Guests or the functioning of the Hotel.


In the case of losing or damaging (breaking) the card or the keys to the room, the Guest shall be financially responsible for that fact and he or she shall pay 100,00 PLN.


At the moment of handing to you the card to the hotel room by the employees of the Reception, you become the hosts of the said room. On your request the room may be cleaned and in such an event you are asked to report your request to the reception.


In view of the fire regulations it is forbidden to use immersion heaters, electric irons or other similar devices in the hotel room, which devices do not constitute the room's equipment. It is also forbidden to smoke and use open fire in the rooms. The above does not apply to the chargers of the RTV appliances and computers. Provoking a false fire alarm involves the arrival of the fire department, for which the Guest shall be charged with a penalty in the amount of 5000,00 PLN.


When organizing bigger events of the following type: the sojourn of groups for training, the sojourn of company employees, conferences or wedding parties, it is required to previously conclude an agreement specifying the details of the requested service.


The Hotel provides services according to its category and standard. In the case of complaints regarding the quality of the services, the Guest shall be asked to immediately report them in the Reception, which will enable the Hotel personnel to intervene immediately. The Hotel shall provide:

  • the conditions of complete and unhindered relaxation for the Guest,
  • the safe sojourn, including the safety of protecting the confidentiality of the information about the Guest,
  • professional and polite attitude of the employees with regard to the services rendered,
  • effecting the necessary repairs of the equipment during the Guest’s absence and if the repairs are to be carried out in the Guest’s presence, they may only be executed with the Guest’s explicit wish,
  • technically efficient service, and in the case of the damages which are impossible to be removed, the Hotel shall take every effort to provide the Guest with another room, depending on the Hotel's possibilities, or to alleviate the inconveniences for the Guest in some other manner.


At the request of the Guest the Hotel renders the following services free of charge:

  • Providing information regarding the sojourn and travelling,
  • Storing the luggage. The Hotel may refuse to accept to the store room the luggage in the periods other than the dates of the sojourn of the Guest in the Hotel or it may not accept the objects which do not have the nature of the personal luggage.
  • Storing sports equipment.


The Hotel shall have the limited responsibility for the loss or the damage of the objects brought into the building by the persons who benefit from the Hotel’s services within the scope defined by art. 846-849 of the civil code, unless the Parties have decided otherwise. The Guest should notify the Reception about the occurrence of the loss, immediately after discovering it. The Hotel shall not be responsible for the damage to or the loss of a car or another vehicle belonging to the Guest.


In the Hotel complex it is not allowed to:

  • disturb the peace of other persons (e.g. by playing out or performing loud music without the consent of the Management),
  • invite or host visitors (i.e. persons who are not customers of the Hotel) in the rooms without the consent of the Management,
  • The behaviour of the Guests and the persons who benefit from the services of the complex should not disturb the peace of other Guests. The Management or the employees may refuse to further render the services to a person who violates that rule.
  • behave in a manner which is commonly viewed as indecent,
  • moving around the Hotel in ski boots and bringing the ski equipment to the rooms.


In the case of the failure to comply with the abovementioned ban, the Hotel shall impose on the Guest a penalty in the amount of 400,00 PLN (the Guest shall be charged when checking out of the Hotel).


The persons who breach the provisions of these Regulations shall immediately leave the Hotel.


The personal effects left behind by the Guests after their departure shall be sent to the indicated address at the Guests’ expense. In the case in which the Hotel personnel does not receive such an instruction, the said objects shall be stored for one month and then destroyed.


We provide the services according to our category. In the case of any complaints regarding the quality of the services, the Guest is asked to report them not later than within 24 hours of the moment of his or her checking into the Hotel. The complaints reported on the date of the Customer's departure from the Hotel shall not be processed. Simultaneously, we would like to inform you that we do not take any responsibility for the inconveniences which occur for reasons beyond our control, e.g. the disruptions in the supply of water or electricity or the diminishing of the Internet or TV signal.


The Regulations of the Hotel and gastronomic services shall be communicated via publishing them on the web page www.liptakowka.com and the Customer shall be asked to individually take notice of the content of the said Regulations when checking into the Hotel. The Regulations shall be available on the information board at the Reception and in the guest rooms.


Effecting a reservation means accepting these Regulations.
The Regulations regard the Liptakowka Hotel and the Liptakowka Resort Home.